Please see these documents, official copies of Republica Act 9850, signed and dated.

Politics almost killed Arnis in the.Philippines. After Pres GMA signed R.A. 9850. and finish her term she was charged of plunder n was confined in veterans hospital. Sen. Mike Zubiri author of Arnis Law was also remove from his office. since then Arnis had been implemented. PSC the is the.Flagship n DepEd was the implementer. Unfortunately, IRR was not submitted. Since then Arnis is a law without IRR cannot be implemented. July 1 2016 a new Philippine President T Deterte will take oath. Let us unite and ask our new President to implement Arnis Law in the.Philippines. With Arnis Law yet is a chance for FMA n the.Philippines and the World. Arnis can.become an.Olympic sports. Arnis can be our biggest contribution to the World. Arnis FMA gives self discipline, health wellness, culture, identity and patriotism.