June 4&5, 2016 saw the success of the First World FMA Unity Seminar in Philadelphia, PA. This is the first time an event in the USA was held with support of the iArnis, Arnis Philippines, Philippine Sports Commission, Philippine Olympic Committee, Philippine Dept. of Tourism, National Commission of Arts and Culture, and the Mataw Guro Academy.

The event featured masters from many FMA styles, including Datu Shishir Inocalla (Modern Arnis Maharlika Kali), Louelle Lledo (Amara Arkanis), Andy Sanano (Sanano Martial Art), Walter Crisostomo (UIltimate Eskrima Pinatakay), Spencer Gee (Pananandata), Dr. Mark Wiley (Integrated Eskrima), Rommel Guivesse (World Sikaran), Oliver Garduce (Pintados), Marlon Hudak (Pinoy Dragon), and special guests from Wing Chun (Keith Mazza), Isshin SHorin-ryu (Dr. Chris Viggiano), Sambo & Hapkido (Bob Clark), Karate (Bob Martin).

This was a great first event, attended by almost 80 people over two days, coming from as far as Philippines, Toronto, Nebraska, Florida, CHicago, New York and New Jersey. This event was carried out in unity of FMA and in support of R.A. 9850 Arnis National Sports and Martial Arts Law (Philippines).