Datu Shishir Inocalla taught an Arnis FMA seminar at the Canadian Martial.Arts Academy with Sensei Frank. Following is a Ninja Turtles movie night at Patricia Theater. Shishir played Michelangelo in the original movies. Join and support our Arnis cultural propagation in Powell River, BC Canada. FMA meeting in Vancouver, Sunday afternoon, a regular meeting and training with the Filipino community,

Our FMA international seminar tour is to bring awareness for RA 9850 Arnis National Sports to be implemented in the Philippines to bring cultural revival and solve identity crisis in the Philippines. Philippines formerly Maharlika Nation was colonize by Spain for over 300 years, followed by American and Japanese which all but destroyed Maharlikan culture. FMA World Family hopes to bring back cultural identity to Filipino Maharlikan worldwide. A Nation without identity is LOST.  We need got help for Pres Duterte of the Philippines to implement Arnis Law.