On June 9, 2016 The Philadelphia Historic Martial Arts Society held its 4th annual Hall of Fame banquet at the Oaks Ballroom in Glenolden, PA. Among this year’s inductees were Mataw Guros Louelle Lledo (who joined the 1960s inductees), Dr. Mark Wiley (who joined the 1970s inductees) and Mataw Guro Marlon Hudack (who joined the 1980s inductees). All three of these Eskrima teachers were nominated for induction by MG Dr. Chris Viggiano, who was a prior honroee. Other Mataw Guro who were previously inducted are Dr. Juan Otero and GM Bob Martin. 

The mission of the Philadelphia Historic Martial Arts Society Hall of Fame is to recognize those individuals and groups who, because of their outstanding achievements, dedication and community service, have contributed immeasurably to the martial arts and society at large. The criteria for induction is at least 25 years of sustained martial arts excellence, high standards of moral character and nomination by a PHMAS alumni.

We are thankful to Grandmasters John Crudup for hosting and Paul Cheng for managing this historic event. And we are humbled to be among the legends of martial arts who are also HoF inductees. Maraming Salamat Po.