Mataw Guro Louelle Lledo, president and CEO of the Mataw Guro Association and chair of Mataw Guro Acadamy, taught a seminar at the World Taekwodno KM dojang in NJ, July 31, 2016. Instruction was given in Fundamentals (Level Zero), introduction to the FMA MGA basic Fundamentals of Arnis de Mano teaching.

Beginning with proper FMA education bow (“Mano Po”) with the words, “I search for knowledge, I show my respect, I pledge my loyalty, I’m ready for instruction. Pugay (respect).”  This was followed by stretching, stick exercises, principles of the basic blocks and strikes combinations, followed by the basic forehand and backhand strikes translating the strikes to the doce henerales (12 general targets or situations). Double and solo baston, stages one, all forehand attacks, 12 forward and 12 backward; stage two same forward, forehand blocking backward; then stage three same forward attack, backward defense and counter. The sumbradas or basic exchange of strikes and blocks rounded out the seminar. 

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