FMA Informative – Issue 236 – FMA Unity Seminar

How It Began and What Transpired
– Philippine Organizations Unite
– i-Arnis
Mataw Guro Association & Academy
1st World FMA Unity Seminar
– The Program
— Day 1
— Day 2
World FMA Family

The FMA Informative wants to thank Dr. Mark Wiley for submitting the material for this issue The 1st World FMA Unity Seminar. The event was held on June 4-5, 2016 at the Montgomery Township Community Center in Montgomery Twp, PA.

The event was in support of R.A. 9850 Arnis National Sports and Martial Arts Law (Philippines), with Dr. Wiley and Datu Inocalla setting up the event in support of i-Arnis and also with the support of the Mataw-Guro Association and fully establishing the Mataw-Guro Academy.

A word from Datu Shishir Inocalla and Dr. Mark Wiley

The aim of i-Arnis is to give recognition to special individuals for Arnis skills acquired or contributions done for the propagation of Arnis as a martial art and sport by classifying practitioners with a sports Arnis Grading System. This grading system is specifically designed for Arnis to standardize levels for all its practitioners. This system will also protect the origins of the different Arnis styles and their masters, thereby protecting the history of the styles. Arnis masters shall be given the proper stature and honor they truly deserve.

International ambassadors were established to promote Filipino martial arts Culture & Tourism, beginning with Datu Shishir Inocalla and Dr. Mark Wiley. Inocalla and Wiley were then asked to make plans to unify Filipino martial arts and to begin by promoting the first World FMA Unity Seminar combining the associations of the Philippines (mentioned above) and the unifying Filipino martial arts association in North America: The Mataw Guro Association.

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