After 30 years of being out of print, a “last stock” of Datu Shishir Inocalla’s book on Vientenueve Balisong Filipino Knife Fighting is available. In the Rare and Out-of-Print book, one of the first ever on the spiritual and physical aspects of Balisong, Datu Shishir Inocalla teaches the secrets of this ubiquitous weapons. Included are spiritual Orasyons, Salutation, and techniques of Abaniko, Saksak, Tusok, Balaraw, knife Throwing and Catching and Fighting techniques of Knife vs Knife and Empty-hand vs. knife. 
“I especially admire Shishir Inocalla, an all-around Filipino martial artist, a balisong expert and a healer. I have encouraged and supervised him in the preparation of this book.” —Professor Remy A. Presas
“Shishir Inocalla is a humble master, healer and teacher. This book is one of the few detailed works on the spiritual and physical aspects of the revered Balisong. A worthy addition to all martial art libraries.” —Dr. Mark Wiley