Self-discipline, internal strength, peace of mind, fulfillment, self-realization or victory… this is the Warrior’s Path to Enlightenment and the subject of this Rare and Out Of Print training manual. By concentrating on one’s energy and continuously striving for victory of the self, we make a path toward harmony, in spite of conflict. 

Orasyon Meditation is a discipline for everyone, designed to strengthen and balance body, mind and spirit and to prepare for the “battles” and “struggles” of life. Internal discipline and fighting spirit will have to be desired, and ultimately achieved. Martial arts discipline has been the warrior’s path since time immemorial. The offensive and defensive movement, the footwork and the hand motions are symbols of the warrior’s ancient art. Of much greater importance are the mental strategies, the concentration and the orasyon meditation.

With a limited print run in 1987, Datu Shishir Inocalla set out to help martial artists and regular people alike find a way to achieve inner peace, mental calm, deep relaxation, and enlightenment through offering a unique practice of Indian Yoga with Filipino Orasyon Mediation. His out-of-print book contains detailed written and photographic instruction on Conduct for Meditators, Exercise and Body Conditioning, Breathing, Concentration, Meditation, Clarify of Emptiness, Tips for Meditation, Meditative Stretching Exercises, Massage, Yoga Poses, Diet, Fasting, Different Paths to Follow, and Enlightenment.

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