Mastering Eskrima Disarms contains 935 photographs illustrating 135 techniques from 33 styles of Filipino martial arts as demonstrated by dozens of the art’s greatest legends. Within this masterful text, you will learn the disarming techniques of Eskrima, Kali, Arnis and Kabaroan. Moreover, world-renown researcher and grandmaster, Dr. Mark Wiley, presents for the first time the most essential components needed to masters Eskrima’s disarms. These include:

  • 22 Supporting Disarming Structures
  • 9 Essential Principles of Effective Disarms
  • 3 Ranges and 2 Positional Gates
  • 4 Modes of Engagement
  • 3 Joint Control Concepts
  • 5 Footwork Methods
  • 5 Grip Release Concepts

Some of the styles featured include: Arnis Lanada, Arnis Tendencia, Babao Arnis, Bakbakan Kali, Balintawak Escrima, Biñas Dynamic Arnis,Black Eagle Arnis Eskrima, D’Katipunan Arnis, DeCuerdas-Diestro Eskrima, Dekiti Tirsia Siradas Arnis, Del Mar Kali-Escrima, Derobio Escrima, Doce Pares Multi Style Eskrima, Eskabo Daan, Estalilla Kabaroan Eskrima, Garimot Arnis, Inayan Eskrima, Inosanto Kali, Integrated Eskrima, Kalis Ilustrisimo, Lameco Eskrima, Lapu-Lapu Arnis, Latosa Escrima, Lightning Scientific Arnis, Modern Arnis, Moro-Moro Orabes Heneral, Pambuan Arnis, Rapid Arnis, San Miguel Eskrima, Sayas-Lastra Arnis, Sayoc Kali, Serrada Escrima, Siete Palo Arnis, Vee Arnis Jitsu, and more…

Don’t miss your chance to learn the principles behind the methods and examine the techniques of these legendary masters and style.

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Rave Reviews

“Mark V. Wiley has a deep understanding of Eskrima. One really must be at a certain level themselves in order to fully appreciate it!” – Martial Arts Illustrated

“Martial arts grandmaster, doctor of Oriental medicine, author and publisher, Mark V. Wiley is in a class of his own.” – Masters Magazine

“We highly recommend that anyone who is serious about Filipino martial arts read Master Mark Wiley’s works and keep them at hand.” – British Council of Kali Eskrima Arnis Instructors

“Thank you so very much GM Dr. Mark V. Wiley, for once again producing an essential and revolutionary book of knowledge.” – World Serrada Escrima Federation

“Mastering Eskrima Disarm is the perfect guide to no non-sense, practical, well-explained and demonstrated applications of disarms. Concise and to the point, this book settles the myth that disarming is nothing but fancy moves, and puts it in the perspective that it is knowledge, skill and common sense. If you haven’t got this book yet it is a must.” – The FMA Informative

“Wiley has collected interesting photo sequences of well-known Filipino martial arts masters demonstrating the disarms in their style. As many of these prominent teachers are now deceased, this is, indeed, an important and valuable resource for people interested in the many varieties of Filipino martial arts styles.”  Peter Huston, Blogger and Book Reviewer

“The book looks fantastic and I swear to god your book is sooo information dense it’s like a punch to the nuts (in a very good way)! I’ve been pouring over it all day, so dam cool! Just promise me your going to keep the hits coming, it’s great to have another Mark Wiley book in my collection and this one like all the others raises the Martial bar!” – Tyler Rea, author and owner of Rea’s Martial Media 

“Dr. Wiley breaks down the techniques into a series of overlapping categories so that you can see how all the options are related. I would easily recommend this book to any of my martial arts friends. I think it has pertinent information and can be applied to many different types of arts.” – Jaredd Wilson, Martial Thoughts

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