A new book by Mataw Guros Louelle Lledo and Andy Sanano is published by Tambuli Media. 

Research and development of authentic indigenous classical maneuvers within FMA training has given rise to the formation of this FMA Education: Fundamental Training Manual. The basics and drills leading to skills are firmly rooted in a common language of biomechanics based upon anatomy, physiology and physics, and this is the foundation presented in this book.

FMA Education correlates the techniques of Filipino martial arts and creates a basic standard of fundamentals from which all FMA style can be built. Most important are the small set of “classical maneuvers” from which all techniques are based, and the two “basic strikes” from which all strikes derive.

With nearly 1,000 photos and 286 pages of text, this training manual merges the authors’ previous four handbooks into a single, newly expanded and comprehensive volume. The expectation of this book is to help develop the ability of teachers and students to present a consistent educational curriculum across all of the traditional systems and schools of FMA (Arnis/Eskrima) while understanding and respecting the variations among them.


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