Mataw Guro Dr. Mark Wiley taught a seminar at Burinkan Dojo in Dade City, FL (near Tampa) on January 21, 2017. This seminar, hosted to generate interest and celebrate the opening of an IE Branch in Florida, headed by Guro Russ Smith, included discussion of theory and strategy, range and gate, footwork and combined striking in Four Modes of Defense. Disarms and knife defense were also introduced.

Russ Smith, who heads Burinkan, holds a 6th dan in Goju-ryu Karate, a 5th dan in Matayoshi Kobudo, a 3rd Duan in Ngo Cho Kun, and an instructor in Pak Mei Pai, was promoted to 2nd Degree (Antas Dalawa) in Integrated Eskrima. Smith is well versed to run the branch classes, and it is hoped people will come out and delve into the deep, pan-Philippines fighting art from a concepts/strategies base. 

“Guro Mark Wiley, and Sensei Russ Smith, are simply top notch. Guru Wiley’s skill is unparalleled with any eskrimador I have met, and teaching/presentation methods dwarf any teacher I have met. Another great experience.” — Joshua Durham

“Today I attended an “Integrated Eskrima” seminar conducted by Mark Wiley and hosted by Russ Smith. Mark’s concepts around timing, range, and their consequences related to technique are revolutionary. If that was not enough, his teaching methods are inspired. He is able to break down complex techniques, like disarms, into manageable steps and bake the lessons into very learnable steps.” –Kevin Andrew Helleran

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