On Saturday and Sunday, February 4-5, 2017 Mataw Guros Louelle Lledo and Andy Sanano hosted a formal seminar and book signing event for their new book, FMA Education: Fundamental Core of Arnis de Mano. The book, published by Tambuli Media, covers the classical maneuvers common to all FMA styles, teaches how to teach and train, progression of movement patterns and application drills. Most of the focus is on double sticks to develop coordination and balance in movement, and this is a rare find in FMA books. The seminar took participants through the first level of the “Fundamental Core of Arnis” with more seminars to follow. Special guests included Dr. Mark Wiley (Tambuli publisher and GM of Integrated Eskrima), Dr. Chruis Viggiano (Mataw Guro Assoc Medical Adviser), Gm Bob Martin and Sifu Tom Lugo. For more information, contact Louelle Lledo (matawgurolou@yahoo.com) who resides in Delran, NJ, and Andy Sanano (matawgurosanano@gmail.com) who residers in Tampa, FL.

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