Dr. Mark Wiley’s Integrated Eskrima DLP

Apprentice Instructor
Distance Learning Program

Tambuli Media has re-shot, re-edited and re-releases GM Mark Wiley’s highly-detailed and comprehensive Eskrima DLP (Distance Learning Program). After three decades of training and research, trial and error, Dr. Wiley has truly developed a unique and in-depth conceptual system called Integrated Eskrima. This is a system of optimized martial training intended to drastically enhance learning, power development, movement integration, and strategic application across classical and modern methods of FMA. 

Integrated Eskrima is Rooted in a Comprehensive Training Framework


The training framework of IE is its most unique component. Dr. Mark Wiley spent over a decade developing what became known as the Integrated Modular Training method (or IMT for short).

The optimal goal of the system is to discard blocks, to always move forward, to strike without being struck, and above all, to finish the encounter as quickly as possible. There are no extraneous techniques or drills just to make the art “look cool” or to be “more fun,” as this distracts from its purpose. 

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